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Original Style Table

Our original style solid wood tables are the most widely used tables for collaborative teaching in the world today. Typically made from 1 ¼ thick solid, sustainably forested, Ash tops with a turned leg base, finished in your choice of stain color and an environmentally friendly, durable top coat. Our tables are sure to serve your school for decades of use.
Other wood species, shapes, and base styles are also available. We will work with you to find the right size, shape, and style that fit your needs. Available as oval, ellipse oval, and even round.

Number of Pullouts-Dimmensions- Will Seat

12 Student - 7’x 11’ - 13-14 students

14 Student - 7’x 14’ - 16-17 students

16 Student - 7’x 17’ - 18-19 students

18 Student - 7’x 20’ - 20-22 students

Pullouts are traditionally used when it's time for testing. Students will turn front to back rather than side by side.

Our tables are manufactured in northern Vermont utilizing renewable solid American Hardwoods. We are willing and able to meet all LEED requirements as outlined by the United States Building Council in any new construction or renovation.

We have the capability to take on large projects, as well as the flexibility to provide one of a kind pieces.

- - Please email us or call 603-418-8669 for pricing information - -

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