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Our Flexclass tables are the perfect solution for the 21st century classroom. You can have your classroom any way you want it; large class, small class, discussion style, give a lecture, have a seminar, put into rows for testing, set your room up as a court room and more. The Flexclass tables have locking casters that role for easy movement within the class, or flip the top and roll out the door to share with another classroom or easy storing. Changing table configurations can easily be done in minutes by the students, during class, before class, anytime you want it.

When apart, the standard middle sections are designed to fit three students for a lecture and long enough to seat two apart from each other for testing time. We can also design sections in other dimensions to fit each classroom's needs.

You can truly have a flexible classroom set up.

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Flexclass tables can be sized in two foot increments. Typical sizes are 6'x12' (5 sections) and 6'x18' (8 sections). All sections are interchangeable and can be stand alone tables. Add or remove any number of sections to fit your class size, discussion group or faculty meeting. Swap sections with another classroom; simply pull the release mechanism handle to flip the top, and roll out the door. Flexclass table tops are the same 1 1/4" solid ash as the original style, made for decades of use.

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